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Awards Highlight ‘Remarkable Achievements’ as Year 6 Pupils Prepare To Leave


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Pilgrim Academy

Pilgrim Academy is an average sized primary school which caters for children between the ages of 3 and 11. We have a dedicated and highly motivated staff who work extremely hard and have high expectations of all our children.

In April 2017, Pilgrim Academy became a member of Tollbar Family of Academies, a Multi-Academy Trust, consisting of three primary and four secondary academies in North East Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire.

The Academy received its first full Ofsted inspection, since joining the Trust in January 2020. It was judged 'Good' in all areas including: The Quality of Education; Behaviour and Attitudes; Personal Development; Leadership and Management; and Early Years provision. We were all delighted with the outcome of the inspection, testament to our wonderful pupils and families and to the staff who have worked so hard to make significant improvements since the Academy opened in April 2017.

Pilgrim Academy is led by the Executive Principal, Mr Andrew Clark, the Vice Principal, Mrs Kayleigh Morley and Assistant Principals, Mrs Carolyn France and Miss Julia Somerscales.

Throughout the year, there will be a wealth of opportunities for us to liaise and work together through letters, events, assemblies, homework, shared learning afternoons, parental workshops and meetings. Last year, we also started using social media outlets to celebrate the achievements of our children.

The staff at the academy have an excellent understanding of how children learn and what learning should look like for each individual child. They use methodical assessment and knowledge of the children to plan carefully for each lesson and group. Those children who are high ability and have a particular gift for a subject will be supported to further develop their talents; and those children with special educational needs will have dedicated support and a curriculum designed to meet their individual requirements.

We like to have fun whilst we are learning. The staff are continually trying out new ideas, arranging exciting trips, inviting visitors to the Academy and using the community to enhance our provision.

We hope you will find our website useful. Please contact us at the Academy if you require any further information.

Andrew Clark
Executive Principal


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Pilgrim Academy Principal

Andrew Clark BA.