Years 5 & 6

Main Theme: Ancient Greece

End of Theme Project: Greek vase

Intent: What wider skills do we want the children to have developed by the end of this theme, supporting future learning and life skills?

  • Problem solving
  • Working as part of a team
  • Reasoning
  • Ability to show leadership
  • Information gathering
  • Making links
  • Confidence

Intent: Outline the factual/topical areas that will be covered, enhancing the development of knowledge and cultural capital?

  • Investigate who were the Ancient Greeks
  • Create a timeline of historical events leading to the Greek Olympics
  • Plan and stage a Greek Olympics
  • Greek mythology - Gods and Goddesses
  • Creation of their own God/Goddess
  • Trojan Wars
  • Democracy
  • Ancient Greek inventions

Intent: What opportunities will there be to develop literacy and numeracy skills?

  • Children will plan their own Olympics
  • Recording times and measuring distances in the above
  • Presenting data from Olympics in charts and tables
  • Use data to set problems
  • Fact file (God/Goddesses)
  • Descriptive paragraph (God/Goddesses)
  • Using Greek alphabet to write messages suitable for artwork
  • Persuasion (why Ancient Greece needs to remain in the history books)
  • Recount writing on food tasting
  • Preparing information leaflets for end of unit exhibition

Intent: Cross-Curricular links: Which curriculum areas will be covered during this theme, developing cross-curriculum knowledge and skills?

  • History
  • Art/DT
  • PSHE/R.E.
  • Maths
  • English
  • Computer Science

Impact: What opportunities will be provided to assess the development of knowledge and skills?

  • Explanation on how the Olympics have changed over time
  • Rationale for creating their flag
  • Rules of the Olympics
  • Greek Gods and Goddesses (fact file)
  • Greek God/Goddess (descriptive paragraph)

Impact: What specific areas of knowledge/skills will be developed during this theme, which will be assessed at different times by the teacher and by the pupil?

Subject Knowledge/Skill Curriculum Areas covered
I can use timelines to place and sequence historical periods and use dates and terms accurately. History, Maths
I can understand the changes and consequences of historical events. History, Geography, English, PSHE
I can ask questions about the past that may have more than one answer. PSHE, History, English S&L
I can use and assess a variety of sources to collect information about the past. History, English
I can improve my drawing and painting techniques. Art
I can use research & criteria to develop products which are fit for purpose and aimed at specific groups. D&T, English
I can analyse & evaluate existing products and improve own work. D&T, English
I can cook savoury dishes for a healthy and varied diet. PSHE (Health), Science
I can use maps and atlases to locate countries. Geography
I can give reasons why certain materials are used for products. D&T, Science, English
I can use a search engine to find and evaluate different types of information. CS, English

Impact: What specific wider skills will be developed during this theme, which will be assessed at different times by the teacher and by the pupil?

• I can work to my own targets
• I can learn from a mistake
• I can organise myself and resources when working independently or in a group.
• I can debate issues until a sensible compromise is reached.
• I can break my learning into manageable chunks.
• I can recognise how my attitude and behaviour impact my learning.
• I can take on a range of roles within a group
• I can motivate people to contribute more effectively.
• I accept the fact that I can try and fail
• I can share my ideas and thoughts with the whole class

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