Years 5 & 6

Main Theme: World War 2

End of Theme Project: Memory box to be presented to the International Bomber Command Centre

Intent: What wider skills do we want the children to have developed by the end of this theme, supporting future learning and life skills?

  • Problem solving
  • Working as part of a team
  • Reasoning
  • Ability to show leadership
  • Information gathering
  • Making links
  • Confidence

Intent: Outline the factual/topical areas that will be covered, enhancing the development of knowledge and cultural capital?

  • How and why WWII started (link to WWI)
  • Who they key countries were that were involved
  • Winston Churchill’s significance during the war
  • The rise of Hitler and the key Nazi figures
  • The effects of WWII – specifically evacuation
  • The Blitz – what was it and what happened
  • How we defended ourselves during The Blitz
  • Town vs country comparison (short burst writing)
  • Making Anderson shelters.

Intent: What opportunities will there be to develop literacy and numeracy skills?

  • They will be learning about time in terms of when WWII happened and how long it lasted.
  • Coordinates and grid references when locating countries.
  • Measure accurately and calculate ratios of ingredients to scale up or down from a recipe.
  • Explaining how and why WWII started.
  • Descriptive paragraph.
  • Letter home as an evacuee.
  • Town vs country comparison
  • Children will design and make an Anderson shelter deciding on and justifying the materials they are going to use.

Intent: Cross-Curricular links: Which curriculum areas will be covered during this theme, developing cross-curriculum knowledge and skills?

  • History
  • Geography
  • Art/DT
  • Maths
  • English
  • Computer Science

Impact: What opportunities will be provided to assess the development of knowledge and skills?

  • The effects of WWII
  • The Blitz
  • Town and country comparison

Impact: What specific areas of knowledge/skills will be developed during this theme, which will be assessed at different times by the teacher and by the pupil?

Subject Knowledge/Skill Curriculum Areas covered
I can seek out and analyse a wide range of evidence in order to justify claims about the past. History, English
I can show an awareness of propaganda and how historians must understand the social context of evidence studied. History, Geography, English, PSHE
I can describe the characteristic features of the past, including ideas, beliefs, attitudes and experiences of men, women and children. PSHE, History, English, R.E.
I can use appropriate historical vocabulary to communicate, including:dates, time period, era, chronology, continuity, change, century, legacy. History, English, Maths
I can name and locate some of the countries and cities of the world and their identifying human and physical characteristics. Geography, English
I can design with the user in mind, motivated by what the user needs rather than profit. D&T, English, Art
I can make products through stages of prototypes, making continual refinements. D&T, English
I can ensure products have a high-quality finish, using art skills where appropriate. D&T, Art
I understand the importance of correct storage and handling of ingredients (using knowledge of micro-organisms). PSHE (Health), Science, Maths
I can measure accurately and calculate ratios of ingredients to scale up or down from a recipe. Maths, English, D&T
I can demonstrate a range of baking and cooking techniques. D&T, Science, English
I can create and refine recipes, including ingredients, methods, cooking times and temperatures. CS, D&T, English, Maths
I can sketch (lightly) before painting to combine line and colour. Art
I can create a colour palette based upon colours observed in the natural or built world. Art, Geography
I can use the qualities of watercolour and acrylic paints to create visually interesting pieces. Art, PSHE
I can comment on artworks with a fluent grasp of visual language. Art, English
I can combine colours, tones and tints to enhance the mood of a piece. Art, PSHE
I can use brush techniques and the qualities of paint to create texture. Art, D&T
I can select appropriate applications to devise, construct and manipulate data and present it in an effective and professional manner. CS
I can use a variety of coding components. CS

Impact: What specific wider skills will be developed during this theme, which will be assessed at different times by the teacher and by the pupil?

Push Yourself
• I push myself when facing challenging circumstances.
• I can reflect on these challenges and recognise how important it is to overcome doubts and fears.
• I fully concentrate and do not become distracted.
• I understand different methods which can help me to concentrate.
Try New Things
• I enjoy new things and take opportunities wherever possible.
• I become fully involved in clubs or groups and share my interests with others.
Work Hard
• I understand the benefits of effort and commitment.
• I encourage others by pointing out the benefits of their hard work.
• I can generate lots of ideas and recognise which of these ideas are useful and have value.
• I can ask lots of questions and recognise that I can sometimes be wrong.
• I can identify my own strengths and areas for improvement.
• I can show effort and commitment when refining and adjusting my work.
Understand Others
• I can listen to others before sharing my own ideas.
• I can describe and understand other people’s points of view.

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