Sports Funding

The legacy of the London Olympics 2012 has seen the introduction of the Primary School P.E. and Sports Funding, which is focused on improving provision of P.E. within primary schools.

What we receive

In 2017-2018, Pilgrim Academy has been allocated £18,400

Pilgrim Academy use of Primary School P.E. Sports Funding

As part of the Tollbar Academy Trust, Pilgrim Academy employs fully qualified secondary school P.E. specialists, to teach our pupils P.E. This role involves:

  1. Teaching a variety of team and individual sports to the pupils in the Academy, including swimming and outdoor adventure activities
  2. Continuing to develop a new assessment system linked to the new national curriculum
  3. Providing support for planning and assessment in P.E.
  4. Working alongside staff in delivering lessons
  5. Raising the profile of the importance of sport and healthy living
  6. Focusing on involving disadvantaged pupils in sport
  7. Establishing and running a playground leadership scheme
  8. Ensuring activities are organised to cater for a wide range of abilities
  9. Encouraging leadership through sport

In addition:

  1. We continue to be a member of North East Lincolnshire School Partnership
  2. Swimming lessons have been provided for year 4 pupils by an approved swimming teacher
  3. Bikeability, two-day training is provided annually for year 5 pupils
  4. Whilst we already have a good range of P.E. resources, we will continue to purchase additional resources should they be deemed necessary
  5. To support healthy living, the academy participates in the Teeth team project, which funds a programme of regular teeth brushing within the academy, for the vast majority of pupils
  6. Trophies are provided annually for best sporting achievement for boys and girls, as well as a trophy for Sports Leadership

Sports Premium Strategy 2018/19

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