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Milestone 3: Years 5 & 6

Threshold Concepts: Understand Beliefs and Teaching

Explain how some teachings and beliefs are shared between religions.

Explain how religious beliefs shape the lives of individuals and communities.

Threshold Concepts: Understand Practices and Lifestyle

Explain the practices and lifestyles involved in belonging to a faith community.

Compare and contrast the lifestyles of different faith groups and give reasons why some within the same faith may adopt different lifestyles.

Show an understanding of the role of a spiritual leader.

Threshold Concepts: Understand how beliefs are conveyed

Explain some of the different ways that individuals show their beliefs.

Threshold Concepts: Reflect

Recognise and express feelings about their own identities. Relate these to religious beliefs or teachings.

Explain their own ideas about the answers to ultimate questions.

Explain why their own answers to ultimate questions may differ from those of others.

Threshold Concepts: Understand Values

Explain why different religious communities or individuals may have a different view of what is right and wrong.

Show an awareness of morals and right and wrong beyond rules (i.e. wanting to act in a certain way despite rules).

Express their own values and remain respectful of those with different values.

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