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Milestone 2: Years 3 & 4

Threshold Concepts: Understand Beliefs and Teaching

Present the key teachings and beliefs of a religion.

Refer to religious figures and holy books to explain answers.

Threshold Concepts: Understand Practices and Lifestyle

Identify religious artefacts and explain how and why they are used.

Describe religious buildings and explain how they are used.

Explain some of the religious practices of both clerics and individuals.

Threshold Concepts: Understand how beliefs are conveyed

Identify religious symbolism in literature and the arts.

Threshold Concepts: Reflect

Show an understanding that personal experiences and feelings influence attitudes and actions.

Give some reasons why religious figures may have acted as they did.

Ask questions that have no universally agreed answers.

Threshold Concepts: Understand Values

Explain how beliefs about right and wrong affect people's behaviour.

Describe how some of the values held by communities or individuals affect behaviour and actions.

Discuss and give opinions on stories involving moral dilemmas.

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