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Milestone 1: Years 1 & 2

Threshold Concepts: Understand Beliefs and Teaching

Describe some of the teachings of a religion.

Describe some of the main festivals or celebrations of a religion.

Threshold Concepts: Understand Practices and Lifestyle

Recognise, name and describe some religious artefacts, places and practices.

Threshold Concepts: Understand how beliefs are conveyed

Name some religious symbols.

Explain the meaning of some religious symbols.

Threshold Concepts: Reflect

Identify the things that are important in their own lives and compare these to religious beliefs.

Relate emotions to some of the experiences of religious figures studied.

Ask questions about puzzling aspects of life.

Threshold Concepts: Understand Values

Identify how they have to make their own choices in life.

Explain how actions affect others.

Show an understanding of the term 'morals'.

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