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Academy Vision

Pilgrim Academy is at the centre of its community, raising aspirations and achievement. It does this in two ways: firstly, through the excellent teaching of an extended and balanced curriculum which ignites curiosity, unlocks talent and realises potential; and secondly, by exercising high quality care, guidance and support that assures the safety, welfare and personal development of each child and young person.

Pilgrim Academy works with both statutory and voluntary local partners, to promote extended learning facilities for its pupils.

Tollbar Family of Academies aims to offer a world-class, 21st century education to the young people in all its academies, providing life-long learning opportunities and creating centres of excellence which model the successful practices at the founder school, Tollbar Academy, thereby bringing confidence and pride to the local community.

  • Is aware of and responsive to the needs and ambitions of its local community
  • Is equipped to take responsibility for raising the aspirations and achievement of its pupils
  • Offers an exciting, extended and relevant curriculum
  • Provides excellent teaching
  • Recognises and shares success; identifies and works on areas in need of improvement
  • Ensures the welfare and safety of all members of its community
  • Ensures no individual nor group of learners lose confidence in their ability to succeed
  • Encourages the learning attitudes of curiosity, resilience and independence
  • Promotes care for self and each other, honesty, courtesy, tolerance, service and respect
  • Prepares its pupils as active and responsible citizens in local, national and global contexts
  • Prepares its pupils for the next stage in their learning and for the world of work

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Pilgrim Academy Principal

Andrew Clark BA.