Year 2 Children Embrace Curriculum’s Creative Projects  

Year 2 Indus Class with their paper aeroplanes which they made as part of their project on the theme of ‘Cracking Ideas'.

Year 2 pupils at Pilgrim Academy have thrown themselves into this term’s learning with a whole variety of creative projects which form part of the curriculum.

These include English Book Day, where the children wrote an account of somewhere they had visited and began by pretending they had all taken a trip to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, which they have been reading about in class.

‘Cracking Ideas’ was the theme of a lesson in which children looked at the invention of the aeroplane. They then had to follow instructions to make their own paper planes.

In Art lessons, pupils created self portraits by following instructions on how to draw a face. They then divided their drawn face into four and coloured each section with a different Art resource.

The children also looked at Piet Mondrian, a Dutch painter, who was an important leader in the development of modern abstract art. They looked at how he used primary colours and black lines to outline, and were all given a lightbulb outline to draw their own lines and paint in the style of Piet.

Teacher Charlotte Jennings said: “The children have really thrown themselves into the projects we have been been learning about this term. Their creativity has really come to the fore and their enthusiasm has made for some wonderful work.”

Jessie Franklin with her Willy Wonka Golden Ticket. (Scarlett Fleming is pictured in the background).

Creating Piet Mondrian Art are Grace Elliott, Cadey’Mai Chafer, Darcie Searby and Daisy-Mae Easton.

Self portraits - Leo Pickering, Indus.

Darcey Rodger with her ‘quartered’ self-portrait.

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