Road Safety Officer Tells Pupils: Take Your Headphones Off While Crossing Roads

John Rowland, Road Safety Advocate with Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, chats with Pilgrim Academy Year 5 and 6 pupils (l-r) Lilly Oakland, Liam Raithby, Robert Buzea, Lucas Elmes, Charlotte Clark and Maya Khan.

Road safety was top of the agenda when Humberside Fire Brigade visited Pilgrim Academy in Immingham to talk to the young pupils.

The talks covered everything from crossing the road safely to wearing helmets while cycling and taking off headphones while crossing the road. An additional talk centred on seatbelt safety with the older children.

John said: "I have been teaching the children about the importance of road safety, and also a crash car scenario. We have also been stressing the importance of wearing seat belts. They were very attentive and I was impressed with how much they listened and how well behaved they were."

Pupil Lilly Oakland said: "We learnt to always wear seatbelts in vehicles and helmets while riding bikes, and to wear long sleeves on bikes and scooters and high visibility clothing. We were also told not to wear headphones while crossing the road. It was really interesting."

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