Riley Takes Top Prize At Year 6 Awards

Pilgrim Academy Year 6 Awards. Pictured with their awards are: (L-r) Skylar Gibbs, Katie Marshall, Riley Swift, Paige Steward, Julia Sufin, Harry Arnold and Lacey Pickering, with Christine Lacey, Executive Principal of Pilgrim Academy.

Year 6 pupils at Pilgrim Academy were recognised for their efforts and achievements at their end of term Annual Awards.

Christine Lacey, the Academy's Executive Principal, told the audience of friends and family how the occasion was about celebrating their children's success and hard work, not only during this year, but throughout their time in primary education.

She said: "As an experienced Headteacher who has led four schools over many, many years, I know that this is a good school. I know that over the last two years, we have all worked hard to make sure the children get the best education we can provide.

"We are now seeing outstanding practice across all Year Groups and in all aspects of the curriculum, and your children are the ones who have benefitted from this."

Mrs Lacey said the Academy had delivered on its promises to make great changes since it became a member of Tollbar Multi Academy Trust.

She said: "We know this from feedback you have given us when, as parents, you have joined in with the Shared Learning afternoons. We know from the comments the children have made and we know from feedback we have been given by external consultants, who have spent time in the Academy finding out about how things work.

"On the back of this, we can now categorically say that: The learning environment is brilliant; Pupils feel safe in the Academy; Pupils find lesson interesting, exciting and fun; Parents are aware of the progress their children have made; Pupils are aware of how well they are progressing."

She continued: "The children sitting in the hall this afternoon are true winners. They have worked hard and with the support of the Academy they are now ready to begin secondary school. We are going to miss our Year 6 pupils. They have brought credit to the Academy both inside the classroom and beyond the Academy gates."

Nine awards were presented to Year 6 pupils in three categories, for Attainment, Progress and Effort.

The most prestigious award - for the pupil who has made the biggest Overall Contribution To The Academy - was presented to Riley Swift for the invaluable contribution he made to the Primary Maths Challenge. Pilgrim Academy got through to the finals. Teachers described him as "an excellent role model for his peers."

Riley said afterwards: "I am so happy."

Riley Swift receives the award for Overall contribution to the Academy.

Award Winners:



Best Mathematics Result – Julia Sufin.

Best Reading Result - Lacey Pickering.

Best writing Result – Harry Arnold.



Best Progress in Mathematics – Julia Sufin.

Best Progress in Reading – Paige Steward.

Best Progress in Writing – Harry Arnold.


Greatest Effort – Orion – Skylar Gibbs.

Greatest Effort – Tucana – Katie Marshall.

Overall Contribution To The Academy – Riley Swift.

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Tollbar MAT Chief Executive

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