Pupils Help To Shape New Sculpture For Immingham

Columba pupils prepare their designs for the new sculpture.

Children at Pilgrim Academy have been involved in shaping the future of their town by putting forward ideas to the group responsible for the creation of the new 'Immingham Forging Forward Sculpture.'

The pupils received a surprise visit from members of the company XCEPTIONAL Design, who are designing and creating the new sculpture, which will stand outside the Civic Centre on Pelham Road.

The children were given a chance to create their own pseudo-metal press designs from aluminium foil and string, using the same technique the company uses in the workshop.

Principal Michelle McMahon said: "Pete and Alex visited the Academy and told the pupils in Columba that our designs have the chance of being used on the real life sculpture. Pete explained the sculpture to the children using a 1/20th scale model that they could later inspect and examine.

"After the class brainstormed ideas about the past and future of Immingham, the children's designs started to take shape. With so many creative designs coming to fruition, Pete and Alex were given great ideas to take back to their team to use on the final project. To further be involved with the creative process, Columba had the opportunity to complete a questionnaire providing suggestions and ideas for the team to use in the final design of the sculpture.

"Following a session of intense work, using techniques taught by Pete and Alex, Columba were able to produce some magnificent pieces of work."

The children used techniques that would be used in the workshop.

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Pilgrim Academy Principal

Michelle McMahon

Tollbar MAT Chief Executive

David J Hampson