Promoting A Passion For Reading Is A Key Priority

Some of Pilgrim Academy's Reading Challenge Reward winners enjoy an afternoon of dance. They are (l-r) Evie Houghton, Phoebe Hickson, Darcey Rodger (back, middle), Grace Elliott (middle), Holly Chapman (front, middle), Phoebe Cain and Zayne Khan.

A Reading Rewards Challenge is helping to put the passion into one of Pilgrim Academy's biggest focuses for this year. Reading is being prioritised in all subject areas to improve confidence, enjoyment and the ability to access the full curriculum.

A new points-based rewards system will encourage more frequent reading, both at school and at home, and at the end of every term, the children will receive a Rewards Afternoon where they can take part in activities themed around an author or topic. They will also earn Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates for the number of points they accrue, culminating in a prize of a new book and a special mention in assembly if they achieve 100 points.

Kayleigh Plumtree, Curriculum Leader for English, said: "Reading is a key focus here at Pilgrim Academy and we are implementing a lot of new strategies, and developing some existing strategies, to encourage the children to be passionate and active in reading throughout the year.

"We have introduced a buddy system, across the Academy. Each class is paired up with another class; all children within the class are paired up with another child in that class; during the week, there is a 20-minute slot where they listen to each other read.

"All children are also being provided with a list of recommended books to read which will earn them three bonus points for each one they read; they will earn two bonus points if they read books from different genres and a variety of non-fiction and poetry; they can also earn bonus points if they write a book review.

"We have developed our guided reading slots, so there is a wider focus on a variety of skills so that children are exposed to a greater range of texts. Every class has a reading book, and at the end of the day the teacher reads to them. This is usually a book decided by the teacher and the pupils together to further encourage a love and passion for reading. We are also in the process of making stronger links with our local library."

Getting thoroughly stuck in to their football reward are (l-r) Leo Speight, Tommy Easton, Arron Tye and Leycoln-Joe McLaughlin.

Abigail Bevers' excitement at the Reading Challenge Reward bubbles over.

Dancing their hearts out are (l-r) Olivia MacGillivray, Holly Robbins, Amelia Cooke, Skye Louise Wright, Lauren Chase and Amelia De Sainte Croix.

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