Pilgrim Fathers Get Modern Twist As Pupils Create Artwork For Illuminate Immingham

Digital Artist Jason Wilsher-Mills is pictured with Pilgrim Academy pupils (l-r) Ben Richardson, Connor Teasdale, Logan Allen, Lilly Berry and Skye Wright with their iPad artwork for the Illuminate Immingham Project, which will be projected onto buildings during the parade.

Artwork created by children from Pilgrim Academy will be projected onto St Andrew's Church later this month as part of the Illuminate Immingham Parade.

To celebrate the third year of the project, Artist Jason Wilsher-Mills has been working with Pilgrim Academy children in Years 5 and 6 to create contemporary Art using digital technologies.

During the workshop, the children altered images of themselves using a variety of digital painting techniques. Although the images initially started life as Pilgrim Academy students, they were soon transformed into locally historic figures. Bold, unique and contemporary Art brought to life the images of those who sailed on the Mayflower ship.

Digital Artist Jason Wilsher-Mills said: "We have been learning how to use art in different ways and these images we are making are going to be projected onto buildings 50-60 feet high in celebration of the Pilgrim Fathers who undertook the Mayflower journey.

"This is a fantastic project using modern technology to bring to life an event that happened 400 years ago and celebrate its connection with Immingham.

"Today is a little bit about history, but the majority is about making art and treating the whole community to a colourful extravaganza with the foundation stones of this community - which is, of course, the children.

"The children started off with self portraits and coloured them in. Then we used original artwork from 400 years ago to show what Pilgrim Fathers looked like, and they have used these techniques to put their head on the body of Pilgrim Fathers. We have had some leeway as we have made these colours very bright so that on Nov 29 we can blow people's socks off with something really special."

Teacher Rachel Backhouse explained: "The workshop connected many areas of the curriculum, such as using digital technologies as part of Computer Science, practising Mastery of Art techniques and developing a knowledge of local History. In addition, the workshop aimed to ensure pupils have access to wider opportunities, which may then develop an interest in a new area of learning: combining modern digital technology with historical knowledge.

"To generate the imagery, children shared their ideas and thoughts with both the artist and their peers whilst actively motivating each other to create art which honours the journey of those aboard the Mayflower ship. The workshop resulted in greater engagement with the local community, as all children now demonstrate a deeper awareness of the town's commemorative Illuminate Immingham project.

"It was fantastic to participate in iPad Art with Jason, I really enjoyed using new technology," said pupil Ben Richardson.

To continue the celebrations further, Year 6 children will, along with others in the local community, create dazzling lanterns, which will be displayed during the Illuminate light parade on November 29.

(L-r) Jack Dean, Leonard Score, Connor Teasdale and Logal Allen with their self-portraits in the style of Pilgrim Fathers.

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