Pilgrim Academy Pupils Celebrate Positivity On World Mental Health Day

They call him mellow yellow! Pilgrim Academy pupil Chester Chambers helps to celebrate World Mental Health Day.

Remembering to treat others in a positive way was the focus for World Mental Health Day at Pilgrim Academy. Pupils dressed up in yellow to celebrate the event in association with the children and young people’s mental health charity, Young Minds.

Louise Stamford, Curriculum Leader for PSHE at the Academy and organiser of the day, explained: “In these unprecedented times, it can be quite difficult to always feel positive. As part of World Mental Health Day and in association with ‘Young Minds’, we wanted the children to take part in the ‘Hello Yellow’ campaign, to emphasise how being there for each other, and sharing positive moments or thoughts, can make all the difference to our mental well-being. 

“It can be the little things in life that make all the difference and brighten up someone’s day. To help us achieve this, children and staff took part in, amongst other activities, positive challenges, photo booth photography sessions and random acts of kindness.

“The day was very positive. One child told me: ‘It’s the sort of thing we should do every day anyway, but it was nice to celebrate and make some people remember that this is how we treat others’.”

Putting their positive message across on World Mental Health Day are Pilgrim Academy nursery pupils, Sophia Allen and Max Rush.

Everyone wore something yellow to get the positive mental health message across.

It’s great to smile. Pilgrim Academy pupils, Kaitlyn Brown, Maya Khan, Jake Swift, Ollie Bale and Chester Chambers, celebrate World Mental Health Day.

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