Reading Project Takes Pupils On A Special 'Journey'

Children at the Academy have been on a journey of discovery since returning to school last week to find that their teachers had planned an exciting project to encourage their love of reading.

Based around the colourful picture book 'Journey' by Aaron Becker, the project involved a number of red doors scattered around the Academy and the whole school was encouraged to speculate about where the doors would lead.

Each class explored the first pages of the wordless text and the children were mesmerised by the descriptive illustrations. They then discussed the issues that were arising for the main character, although they had no idea who she was yet. Then, as they ventured further into the text, they discovered the first clue about the mysterious red doors.

Alison Stephenson, Assistant Principal and English Coordinator at Pilgrim Academy, explained: "Across the Academy, all classes used this exciting story as an opportunity to create a wide range of cross-curricular outcomes: they drew maps; crafted stunning pieces of writing; designed Maths board games, where players had to apply their knowledge of the four operations; produced their own books; created spectacular Artwork and designed and built a range of flying machines. It was a fantastic start to the year.

"At the end of the week we chose some Writing, Design Technology and Artwork for special mention and presented certificates and books as prizes for the children's efforts. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile project, which definitely encouraged the children to read and to discuss their reading with others."

Year 4 pupil Charlie Hodson (8) said: "I really like reading because it helps with my spelling, and some books like this are just really entertaining."

Pilgrim Academy children enjoy the Reading Project based around the book 'Journey.' (L-r) Zack Deakins (7), Kaitlyn Brown (7), and Jacob Bushell (9).

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Pilgrim Academy children of all ages who won certificates and books at the end of the Reading Project.

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