Good Enough For Greek Gods, But Pupils Give Mezze A Mixed Reaction!

It is the food of the gods, and pupils at Pilgrim Academy have been sitting down to a traditional Greek mezze as part of their project, 'Who Let The Gods Out!'

Year 5 and 6 pupils are learning all about Ancient Greece and what the Olympians used to eat. Riley Smaller (9) and Brooke Fleming (10) are pictured trying out a plate filled with Greek specialities, including feta cheese, melon, olives, pitta bread, Greek yoghurt and olive oil.

Reactions to the dishes were mixed. Year 6 pupil Brooke said: "I have never been to Greece, but we are learning about what types of food the ancient Greeks used to eat. I liked the olives and melon, I have them at home, but I didn't like the feta."

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