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19 May 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

With the launch of Frog, our new online learning platform, we have been aiming to improve your home-learning experience. This has been achieved through facilitating discussions between staff and students, providing high quality resources and enabling students to receive feedback on work they submit. We strongly believe that all children who use Frog will benefit hugely through the excellent features on the site. Students from Key Stage 2, who are regular users of the site, have written the following reviews:

Noah Crockett

I really like Frog because it's a fun way to learn. I also like that I can send pictures of my work and my teachers can give feedback and extra questions. If I get stuck I know I can ask my teachers for help instead of my mum and dad. I enjoy all the fun websites that are put on, especially the music one in the theme section. It's great that every lesson is in one place!

Bozhidar Georgiev

Frog is a very useful site which helps me a lot with my home learning. I can use all of the resources which are given by our teachers on the website then I can easily upload the work I have finished and get it checked by my teacher. If I am struggling to do something, I can message them and ask for help. There are also fun activities for all of us to do and keep us entertained during the day. Thank you Frog.

Ava Crockett

MyFrog is an app where students can both find and get help with their work. Each student has their own account with links to their lessons and classes. Each class website has videos, organised work, which is dated to the date which it needs to be completed on, and other fun things. Each student gets messages directed straight to them - a cool thing about this feature is that you can use it to get help or feedback (depending on what you need).

Sophie Chapman

I enjoy using the Frog app because I can ask my teacher questions and show them my work. I like watching the videos they put on as well. I really like looking at the photos they put on in the gallery so I can see my friends. I really like Frog and so do my mum and sister.

Chester Chambers

I really appreciate Frog because you can do amazing activities and you can show your teachers that you are still doing work. It will give your teachers a little grin on their face then you will get an awesome reply.

Charlotte Clark

I think Frog is very user-friendly. It is also nice to be able to see other work by other children in my class. Some of the features I like are the links and videos that help with the work, I especially like the Powerpoints. I think it is a great tool and I enjoy using it.

We hope that these reviews emphasise the impact Frog is having on home-learning and strongly encourage you to utilise the site if you haven't already. In addition to the above, some of these pupils have also highlighted some areas for us to look at to try and improve the service further, which is very useful for us. We are in regular contact with the Frog team and have already improved aspects of the system, partly based on your feedback.

Certain issues with the MyFrog app have been brought to our attention; if you are having difficulties with using the app on a mobile device, we suggest accessing Frog straight from your web browser. Simply click on the Frog icon at the top of the Pilgrim Academy website.

If you have any questions about Frog, please send a message through the messaging service or email

Yours faithfully

Mr A Clark

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