Democratic Election Process Helps Pupils Develop Into Respectful Young People

Proud Pilgrim Academy Executive Principal, Andy Clark, with the newly-elected School Council members. They are: (Back row, left to right): Bozhidar Georgiev, Leah Lapworth-Smart, Zara Marcheva, Sophie Chapman and Charlie Hodson. (Middle row, left to right): Borislav Latev, Ethan Allen, Freddie Guest, Alfie Goold, Ebony Short and Maisie Carter. (Front Row): Archie Annand, Esme Crockett, George Lusher, Millie Jane Forrington, Lydon Cooke, Chloe Steward, Nathan Reynolds, Phoebe Cain and Imogen Cook.

Democracy may be under fire in some areas of the UK, but pupils at an Immingham Primary Academy are showing just how successful it can be when used properly to help them to develop as respectful and responsible young people.

The Pilgrim Academy pupils have just taken part in their Student Council Elections for 2019/20, electing 20 pupils to represent their classmates and air their views on the issues that affect them within the Academy.

Within each class, pupils were invited to stand for election and, where more than one person put themselves forward, a secret vote was held within the class. The pupils will now meet with the Academy's Executive Principal, Mr Andy Clark, who will hear their ideas and opinions as the Tollbar Multi Academy Trust school continues its drive forward.

Pupil Zara Marcheva said: "I chose to be a student councillor because I've got many ideas that I hope can make my school better than all the others."

Borislav Latev said: "I am a good speaker for the class. I want to help others so that they can tell me things to tell to Mr Clark."

Bozhidar Georgiev added: "I wanted to be on the school council this year as I wanted to help make decisions about what happens in school, such as getting more activities for our playground."

Mr Clark said: "One of the Academy's focuses this year is to further develop strategies to prepare pupils for life in modern Britain, developing them as respectful and responsible citizens, who contribute positively to society.

"The Student Council is just one area that enables pupils to develop such wider knowledge and skills. We will shortly be holding House Captain elections, where all pupils will be invited to vote for the Year 6 candidates, who put themselves forward for nomination. We will be following a 'national general election' format, including an election campaign, a polling station and secret ballot booths."

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Pilgrim Academy Principal

Andrew Clark BA.

Tollbar MAT Chief Executive

David J Hampson