Children Elect New School Council Under Guidance Of New Principal

Members of Pilgrim Academy's new School Council with new Principal Michelle McMahon. (Back row, l-r) Joshua Doe (Year 5), Libbie-Rose Boyes (Year 4), Harvey Marshall (Year 6), Darcy Revill and Senyh Vaughan (Year 6), Daisy Walker (Year 4) and John -James Chase (Year 3). (Front row, l-r) Callum Langdale (Year 2), Olivia McGillivray (Year 2), Jacob Clark, (Year 1), Archie Cormack (FS2) and Heidi Walker (FS1).

Children at Pilgrim Academy have got their new term off to a flying start by voting in a new School Council under the guidance of their new Principal Michelle McMahon.

The Academy's Foundation Stage children have also embraced the start of term at their new school, after last year's Early Years' profile outcomes showed that over 90% of children achieved a 'good level of development.' Pilgrim Academy became a member of Tollbar Multi Academy Trust just 18 months ago.

Mrs McMahon said staff are eager to build on their success so far and are embracing the challenges that the new school year brings. Children in FS1 and FS2 are keen to make new friendships and are eager to learn.

FS2 pupil Cadey-Mai Chafer said: "I like my new classroom and making lots of new friends."

Mrs McMahon said: "The younger children are following the Academy expectations and rising to classroom challenges. We are delighted to welcome them into the Academy and look forward to their progress throughout the academic year.

"The children in Key Stage 1 and 2 have already voted for their new School Council, and these pupils will be able put forward the views of their classmates to ensure that everyone has a say in the future success of the Academy."

Early Years pupils Darcie Searby and Evie Houghton at play.

Pilgrim Academy Foundation Stage pupils (l-r) Daisy-Mae Easter and Harvey Ellis.

Early Year pupils Cadey-Mai Chafer, Ashley-Ryan Stenvoordn, Ida-May Lofts and Eva Gibson-Doy.

Pilgrim Academy Early years Practitioner Emma King with (l-r) Ruben-Jai Probert and Ida-May Lofts.

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Pilgrim Academy Principal

Michelle McMahon

Tollbar MAT Chief Executive

David J Hampson