Children ‘Battle It Out’ In Roman Times

Year 6 Champion gladiator Ivayla Ivanova is crowned after re-enacting the Roman battles.

Year 6 Pilgrim Academy pupils became gladiators to re-enact the days of the Roman Empire as they studied historical civilisations as part of their topic on Rich and Poor.

Columba Class devised a Roman-themed day where all children took part to see who would make the greatest gladiator. Spectators drunk wine (blackcurrant) and cheered for the gladiators. The greatest gladiator was then presented with a medal at an award ceremony.

This experience was used to write colosseum setting description in the days that followed. Other activities included decoding Roman numerals 

Gladiators Ivayla Ivanova and Charlie Hodson battle it out to become the greatest gladiator as they re-enact the days of the Roman Colosseum.

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