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Milestone 2: Years 3 & 4

Threshold Concepts: Perform

Sing from memory with accurate pitch.

Sing in tune.

Maintain a simple part within a group.

Pronounce words within a song clearly.

Show control of voice.

Play notes on an instrument with care so that they are clear.

Perform with control and awareness of others.

Threshold Concepts: Compose

Compose and perform melodic songs.

Use sound to create abstract effects.

Create repeated patterns with a range of instruments.

Create accompaniments for tunes.

Use drones as accompaniments.

Choose, order, combine and control sounds to create an effect.

Use digital technologies to compose pieces of music.

Threshold Concepts: Transcribe

Devise non-standard symbols to indicate when to play and rest.

Recognise the notes EGBDF and FACE on the musical stave.

Recognise the symbols for a minim, crotchet and semibreve and say how many beats they represent.

Threshold Concepts: Describe Music

Use the terms: duration, timbre, pitch, beat, tempo, texture and use of silence to describe music.

Evaluate music using musical vocabulary to identify areas of likes and dislikes.

Understand layers of sounds and discuss their effect on mood and feelings.

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