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Milestone 1: Years 1 & 2

Threshold Concepts: Perform

Take part in singing, accurately following the melody.

Follow instructions on how and when to sing or play an instrument.

Make and control long and short sounds, using voice and instruments.

Imitate changes in pitch.

Threshold Concepts: Compose

Create a sequence of long and short sounds.

Clap rhythms.

Create a mixture of different sounds (long and short, loud and quiet, high and low).

Choose sounds to create an effect.

Sequence sounds to create an overall effect.

Create short, musical patterns.

Create short, rhythmic phrases.

Threshold Concepts: Transcribe

Use symbols to represent a composition and use them to help with a performance.

Identify the beat of a tune.

Threshold Concepts: Describe Music

Recognise changes in timbre, dynamics and pitch.

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