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Meet The Staff

All staff at Pilgrim Academy aim to provide a happy and safe environment for your child. We strive to engage your child's eagerness to learn in order to achieve their full potential. At various points during the school year, we will invite you into the Academy to discuss your child's progress and to take part in various workshops connected to the curriculum. Please feel free to contact the Academy at any time if you wish to speak to your child's teacher or any other member of staff.

Senior Leadership Team:

Executive Principal Mr Andrew Clark
Vice Principal Mrs Kayleigh Morley
Assistant Principal Mrs Carolyn France
Assistant Principal Miss Julia Somerscales

Additional Leadership Responsibilities:

Curriculum & Assessment Lead Mr Andrew Clark
Pastoral Leads Mr Andrew Clark & Mrs Kayleigh Morley
Designated Safeguarding Leads Mrs Kayleigh Morley & Mrs Carolyn France
SEND co-ordinator Mrs Carolyn France
Early Years Lead Miss Julia Somerscales
Key Stage 1 Lead Miss Julia Somerscales
Key Stage 2 Lead Mrs Kayleigh Morley
Attendance Officer Mrs Carolyn France
English co-ordinator Mrs Kayleigh Morley
Maths co-ordinators Mrs Rachel Backhouse (KS2) & Miss Jade Grayson (KS1)
Teaching & Learning co-ordinator Mr Jordan Gibbon
Health & Safety Lead Miss Julia Somerscales
Forest School Lead Miss Julia Somerscales

Curriculum Leaders:

Art & Design Mrs Annaliese Backrath
Computing Mr Jordan Gibbon
Design & Technology Miss Gabrielle Gray
English Mrs Kayleigh Morley
French Mrs Carolyn France
Geography Mrs Kirsten Wright
History Miss Mollie Turner
Mathematics Mrs Rachel Backhouse (KS2) & Miss Jade Grayson (KS1)
Music Mrs Sarah Brown
Physical Education
Mrs Holly Thompson
Mrs Louise Stamford
Religious Education Miss Eleanor Stanhope
Science Miss Leanne Kapka

Wider Responsibilities:

Student Leadership co-ordinator
Mrs Joanne Ireson
EAL co-ordinator Mrs Melanie Portlock
Times Tables co-ordinator Miss Eleanor Stanhope
Spelling co-ordinator
Mrs Joanne Ireson
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) co-ordinators
Miss Gabrielle Gray &
Miss Leanne Kapka
Mental Health Champion
Mrs Louise Stamford
Garden/Nature co-ordinator Mrs Sarah Brown

Class Teachers and Teaching Assistants:

Year Class Teachers Teaching Assistants
Mrs Louise Stamford Mrs Michelle Evison
FS2 Ceres Miss Julia Somerscales Mrs Emma King
Mrs Anna Holmes
1 Lyra Miss Leanne Kapka
Miss Katherine Copley
Mrs Anna Holmes
2 Cygnus Mrs Melanie Portlock Mrs Lianne Senior
2 Indus Miss Jade Grayson
Mrs Annaliese Backrath
Mrs Claire Farrell
3 Scorpius Miss Eleanor Stanhope
Miss Nikki Smith
3/4 Taurus Miss Mollie Turner
Miss Charmaine Badics
3/4 Phoenix Mrs Sarah Brown
Mrs Kirsten Wright
Mrs Christina Brown
Mrs Kate Ritchie
5 Orion Miss Gabrielle Gray
Mrs Annette Blease
5/6 Columba Mr Jordan Gibbon
Mrs Lisa Burniston
6 Tucana Mrs Rachel Backhouse
Mrs Joanne Ireson
Miss Chloe Barrass
KS2 SEND Mrs Carolyn France
Mrs Sarah Brown
Mrs Lisa Davis-Williams
French Mrs Carolyn France
PE Mrs Holly Thompson
Mrs Sarah Brown

Administration Team:

Senior Administrator Ms M Swann
Administrator Mrs N Chambers


Senior Custodian Mr M Blackmore
Custodian Mrs C Willis

Cleaning Staff:

Cleaner Mrs L Crampton
Cleaner Mrs L Crampton
Cleaner Mrs T Holt
Cleaner Miss J Kyeremeh
Cleaner Mrs C Petherbridge

Midday Supervisory Assistants:

Mrs A Burnett
Mrs T Holt
Mrs S Morrissey
Mrs D Ridge (Senior)
Mrs S Thornalley

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Pilgrim Academy Principal

Andrew Clark BA.