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Milestone 2: Years 3 & 4

Threshold Concepts: Investigate and Interpret the Past

Use evidence to ask questions and find answers to questions about the past.

Suggest suitable sources of evidence for historical enquiries.

Use more than one source of evidence for historical enquiry in order to gain a more accurate understanding of history.

Describe different accounts of a historical event, explaining some of the reasons why the accounts may differ.

Suggest causes and consequences of some of the main events and changes in history.

Threshold Concepts: Build an Overview of World History

Describe changes that have happened in the locality of the school throughout history.

Give a broad overview of life in Britain from ancient until medieval times.

Compare some of the times studied with those of other areas of interest around the world.

Describe the social, ethnic, cultural or religious diversity of past society.

Describe the characteristic features of the past, including ideas, beliefs, attitudes and experiences of men, women and children.

Threshold Concepts: Understand Chronology

Place events, artefacts and historical figures on a time line using dates.

Understand the concept of change over time, representing this, along with evidence, on a time line.

Use dates and terms to describe events.

Threshold Concepts: Communicate Historically

Use appropriate historical vocabulary to communicate, including:

• dates

• time period

• era

• change

• chronology.

Use literacy, numeracy and computing skills to a good standard in order to communicate information about the past.

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