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Milestone 1: Years 1 & 2

Threshold Concepts: Investigate and Interpret the Past

Observe or handle evidence to ask questions and find answers to questions about the past.

Ask questions such as: What was it like for people? What happened? How long ago?

Use artefacts, pictures, stories, online sources and databases to find out about the past.

Identify some of the different ways the past has been represented.

Threshold Concepts: Build an Overview of World History

Describe historical events.

Describe significant people from the past.

Recognise that there are reasons why people in the past acted as they did.

Threshold Concepts: Understand Chronology

Place events and artefacts in order on a time line.

Label time lines with words or phrases such as: past, present, older and newer.

Recount changes that have occurred in their own lives.

Use dates where appropriate.

Threshold Concepts: Communicate Historically

Use words and phrases such as: a long time ago, recently, when my parents/carers were children, years, decades and centuries to describe the passing of time.

Show an understanding of the concept of nation and a nation’s history.

Show an understanding of concepts such as civilisation, monarchy, parliament, democracy, and war and peace.

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