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Curriculum Leader: Mrs Sarah Brown

Intent: At Pilgrim Academy, our aim is to deliver a high-quality music curriculum that inspires children to become creative and to think and act as musicians.

Through the recent introduction of a music scheme called Charanga, and by linking learning to a range of thematic topics, children have opportunities to perform, compose, transcribe and describe a range of musical styles.

Our aim is to promote this creativity at an early age in Early Years, through the Exploring and using media and materials module, where children begin learning to sing songs and make music in several ways. For example, topic-based songs, maths and English topic songs and using classroom materials to create instruments to make musical patterns with.

Our intent is to make music an enjoyable learning experience for all. We encourage children to participate in a variety of musical experiences through which we aim to build up the confidence of all children.

When the children leave and embark on their secondary education, our aim is to have helped young musicians to have:

  • developed their ability to sing in tune and with other people;
  • through singing songs, learned about the structure and organisation of music;
  • learned to listen and to appreciate different forms of music;
  • maintained their concentration for longer and listened to more extended pieces of music;
  • developed descriptive skills in music lessons when learning about how music can represent feelings and emotions;
  • taught them the disciplined skills of recognising pulse and pitch;
  • learned how to work with others to compose music and perform to an audience.

Alongside this, we use Milestones for teachers and Curriculum Leaders to monitor coverage and track progress across the curriculum, ensuring appropriate sequencing is in place. We use the milestones created by Chris Quigley Education, in conjunction with our thematic planning to ensure the children develop their knowledge and skills as they move from Early Years through to Key Stage 1 and 2. If you click on the tabs below, you will see the milestones for Early Years; Years 1 & 2; Years 3 & 4 and Years 5 & 6. This is in the initial phase, having recently purchased the Charanga music programme to support out teaching.

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