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Year 3 & 4

Year 3 & 4 Long Term Plan (Cycle A 2020-2021)

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Autumn Term 1 Autumn Term 2 Spring Term 1 Spring Term 2 Summer Term 1 Summer Term 2
Transport and Trade Eurovision Fizz, Pop, Bang!
Key Themes Study the development of transport and trade throughout British history and in some ancient civilisations. Countries and capitals of Europe Physical and human features of Europe Compare and contrast with the UK Learn about ingredients used in cold drinks, their nutritional values and how they are presented commercially. Evaluate a product and record the evaluation in a meaningful way.
Use a range of food preparation tools safely and effectively.
Combine ingredients to change the appearance/taste/texture of a drink. Find out and record a consumers needs and preferences.
History The children will look at the different types of transport that are available to them today and everyday goods and how they are transported and traded. They will then go back in time to explore the development of transport and trade in world history. They will discover that finding food and trading were the major reasons for transport and will look at some of the most important items that people traded throughout history such as tools in the Stone Age, food and wine and the movement of troops. They will also find out about the ‘Silk Road’ which linked Ancient China to the West. We will continue to build an overview of world history through the places and periods studied. Children will consider how tastes have changed over time as more ingredients have become available and think about drinks that children in the past would have had.
Geography The children build on their prior knowledge of using maps and atlases to locate continents, countries and seas. We will find out about some of the most exciting and beautiful places and the countries and capitals of our home continent, Europe.
We will discover some of Europe’s flags and emblems and some significant people and events. We will find out about the vast range of foods and cultures around Europe. We will look at varying weather and climate, including the differences between Northern and Southern Europe and compare and contrast parts of Europe with the United Kingdom.
Children will consider food miles and where their ingredients come from.
Design Technology The children will use different materials and joining techniques to create a model of an ancient dhow and a car. Everyone needs to drink and all children will have their favourite. We will look at the soft drinks industry specifically the products aimed at children and consider how healthy are they? We will look to see if they are better than homemade drinks. We will investigate the ingredients used in making cold drinks and how they cold combine a range of ingredients to make a new drink. They will think about nutrition, cost and most importantly the flavours and textures that their consumers prefer. The children will present their drinks in their café, where real consumers will be invited to taste test their products.
Art The children will draw and paint images of some of the wonderful forms of transport they will look; at both ancient and modern. They will also look at the work of artists who have captured ancient and modern transport in their work. For example; Vincent Van Gogh’s work depicting train stations, boats and horses and carts. We will draw and paint images of the landscapes and cities we study.
We will create sculptures of some of the distinctive landmarks and buildings that we find as well as taking inspiration from some of Europe’s greatest artists from over the centuries.
The children will design and create packaging for their new product. They will also draw or paint posters for the launch of their new drink in the café.
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RE Remembering Faith Founders Encounters
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