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Chester Chambers Remembers His Great-Grandad

The History of My Great-Great Grandad, Robert Edwin Pinder

By Chester Chambers (Year 5)

Robert was my Mum's Great Grandad on her Dad’s side. He served in WWII.

My Great-Nanna Mary with her dad

I do not know much about him as my Great-nana died when I was only 3 months old. My Grandad said his family never really spoke about the war so doesn't have many stories to pass down.

Robert Edwin Pinder lived in Pool, Warfedale, West Yorkshire. He served in the Territoral Army in the Infantry Bradford Division.

Robert in his uniform

He fought in Germany and also did the Coastal Air Defence on the East Coast of England, including Hull.

My Grandad was named after his Grandad and followed in his footsteps and served in the Navy when he left school.

His medals

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