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Charlie & Abigail Bevers Celebrate Their Great Gran

Charlie and Abigail Bevers celebrate their Great Gran.

Please find below, a picture of our GREAT Gran Doreen Bridgart!!

My GREAT Gran is 89 years old she would have been 14 years old in 1945 when they celebrated VE Day

My Gran doesn't like to talk about the war as it was a very difficult time

But she is lovely and always gives us sweets and lemonade when we can visit her.

We haven't been able to kiss or hug her because of COVID-19 but we always make sure she is well looked after and has her shopping done for her and we talk to her from over the brick wall and do her gardening.

My Gran says she is lucky to have us but we are so very lucky to have her and keep her safe by staying at home.

Many thanks

Charlie (Year 5) & Abigail (Year 3) Bevers

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