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Autumn Term 1 2019

Autumn Term 1:

Links to Business Plan Priorities:

  • A2: Prioritise reading in all subject areas to improve confidence, enjoyment and ability to access the full curriculum.
  • A3: Further develop strategies to support disadvantaged and lower ability pupils, ensuring they have the knowledge and cultural capital to succeed in life, narrowing attainment and progress gaps.
  • B2: Further develop strategies to improve the resilience of students to overcome setbacks and barriers to learning.
  • B3: Raise aspirations further to ensure students have a sense of pride, thereby developing the value of education.
  • C1: Expand the range of enrichment and extra-curricular provision, including sport, to offer pupils the opportunity to further develop strength of character and open up wider interests.
  • C2: Further develop strategies to prepare pupils for life in modern Britain, developing them as respectful and responsible citizens, who contribute positively to society.
  • C3: Develop the curriculum to promote broader development, including SMSC, whilst further promoting equality of opportunity and diversity.
  • C4: Ensure strategies are in place, through pastoral support and the curriculum, to help pupils to keep physically fit and mentally healthy.
  • D3: Develop relationships and engage effectively with pupils and others in the community, including, where relevant, parents, employers and local services to widen opportunities and enhance support for pupils.

Autumn Term 1, 2019:

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Date Main Focus e.g. visit, leadership, club, workshop, Brief Summary Link to Business Plan Who will organise and/or lead the event? Who does this involve?
9.09.19 Art Club Weekly club involving learning a range of art skills and looking at different artists and art work. C1, A3, B3 JG 18 pupils from Year 2 and 3
16.09.19 Leadership Student Council meeting, following the election of class representatives. C1, C2 AC 2 pupils from every class
16.09.19 Gardening Club Weekly club involving gardening skills, learning about plants and where our food comes from A3, B3, C1, C2, C4, SB / LK Currently 15 children from Y2 to Y5
16.09.19 Computer Club Weekly club involving various computing activities such as coding, creating presentations and creating a website. C1, B2 JG 20 pupils from Y4-Y6
16.09.19 & 08.10.19 Food Tasting Pupils tasted a range of different Greek foods as part of our Ancient Greece theme. C3, C4 SLRB/JI Orion Y6Tucana Y6
17.09.19 Sports clubs Weekly Multi-sports after school club, every Tuesday and Thursday evenings. B2, C1, C4 HT KS2 pupils
18.09.19 Visit/Workshop Weekly MAPAS Trumpet workshop 1.30pm. A3, B3, C1 AC All Year 3 & 4 pupils
23.09.19 Chess Club Weekly after school club, teaching children to play chess as a thinking/strategy skills boost B2, C1, SL 4 pupils from Y3-6
26.09.19 Sport Year 5/6 Rugby tournament B3, C1, C2, C4 HT 10 Year 5 pupils
27.09.19 Activity weekend PGL Weekend – 3 day residential. Activities included zip wore, giant swing; raft building, archery, abseiling and fencing. B2, C1, C4 SL, JG & MP 24 Year 6 pupils
27.09.19 Olympic Games Tucana to hold a closing ceremony for all children in Columba. Children perform original poems, dances and comedy routines. After which, they will traditional Greek appetisers to all guests. B3, C1 RB/JI Tucana Y6
01.10.19 and 04.10.19 Olympic Games Pupils complete a range of indoor events, each pupil representing a different country. In addition, some pupils perform routines at our Opening Ceremony and with medals/national anthems presented at the closing ceremony. B2, B3, C1, C4 SL / SB Orion Y6
02.10.19 Visit/Workshop 'Reading Bug Club' – 3pm: Shared Learning A2, B3, D3 JS Early Years pupils and parents
08.10.19 Sport Basketball tournament B3, C1, C2, C4 HT 10 Year 5/6 pupils
09.10.19 Leadership House Captains: Launch of election process - children who wish to become a candidate in the house elections are to complete a nomination form. C1, B3 RB, JI, HT Year 6 pupils
11.10.19 Workshop/assembly KS2 Young Minds Matter, 'What is mental health?' assemblies C4 CF All KS1 and KS2 pupils
15.10.19 Sport Year 4 Basketball tournament B3, C1, C2, C4 HT 6 Year 4 pupils
15.10.19 Visit KS2 student council visit to the Icehouse in Grimsby to meet the organisers and have a tour in preparation of participation in the shoe-box appeal. C1, C2, C3, D3 AC 12 KS2 pupils
15.10.19 and 16.10.19 Assembly Harvest assembly with Reverend Julie Donn C2, C3, D3 ES All pupils
16.10.19 Art workshop iPad Artist workshop for projections at Immingham illuminate for year 5 and 6, as part of the Mayflower 400 project C1, B3, D3 RB/JI Years 5 & 6
17.10.19 Workshop Road Safety Talk for KS1 and KS2 C1, D3 KP All KS1 and KS2 pupils
17.10.19 Range of activities Reading Challenge reward afternoon A2, A3, C1 KP All pupils

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