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Milestone 3: Years 5 & 6

Threshold Concepts: Develop Ideas

Develop and imaginatively extend ideas from starting points throughout the curriculum.

Collect information, sketches and resources and present ideas imaginatively in a sketch book.

Use the qualities of materials to enhance ideas.

Spot the potential in unexpected results as work progresses.

Comment on artworks with a fluent grasp of visual language.

Threshold Concepts: Master Techniques - Painting

Sketch (lightly) before painting to combine line and colour.

Create a colour palette based upon colours observed in the natural or built world.

Use the qualities of watercolour and acrylic paints to create visually interesting pieces.

Combine colours, tones and tints to enhance the mood of a piece.

Use brush techniques and the qualities of paint to create texture.

Develop a personal style of painting, drawing upon ideas from other artists.

Threshold Concepts: Master Techniques -Collage

Mix textures (rough and smooth, plain and patterned).

Combine visual and tactile qualities.

Use ceramic mosaic materials and techniques.

Threshold Concepts: Master Techniques - Sculpture

Show life-like qualities and real-life proportions or, if more abstract, provoke different interpretations.

Use tools to carve and add shapes, texture and pattern.

Combine visual and tactile qualities.

Use frameworks (such as wire or moulds) to provide stability and form.

Threshold Concepts: Master Techniques - Drawing

Use a variety of techniques to add interesting effects (e.g. reflections, shadows, direction of sunlight).

Use a choice of techniques to depict movement, perspective, shadows and reflection.

Choose a style of drawing suitable for the work (e.g. realistic or impressionistic).

Use lines to represent movement.

Threshold Concepts: Master Techniques - Print

Build up layers of colours.

Create an accurate pattern, showing fine detail.

Use a range of visual elements to reflect the purpose of the work.

Threshold Concepts: Master Techniques -Textiles

Show precision in techniques.

Choose from a range of stitching techniques.

Combine previously learned techniques to create pieces.

Threshold Concepts: Master Techniques - Digital Media

Enhance digital media by editing (including sound, video, animation, still images and installations).

Threshold Concepts: Take inspiration from the Greats (classic and modern)

Give details (including own sketches) about the style of some notable artists, artisans and designers.

Show how the work of those studied was influential in both society and to other artists.

Create original pieces that show a range of influences and styles.

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