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Milestone 2: Years 3 & 4

Threshold Concepts: Develop Ideas

Develop ideas from starting points throughout the curriculum.

Collect information, sketches and resources.

Adapt and refine ideas as they progress.

Explore ideas in a variety of ways.

Comment on artworks using visual language.

Threshold Concepts: Master Techniques - Painting

Use a number of brush techniques using thick and thin brushes to produce shapes, textures, patterns and lines.

Mix colours effectively.

Use watercolour paint to produce washes for backgrounds then add detail.

Experiment with creating mood with colour.

Threshold Concepts: Master Techniques - Collage

Select and arrange materials for a striking effect.

Ensure work is precise.

Use coiling, overlapping, tessellation, mosaic and montage.

Threshold Concepts: Master Techniques - Sculpture

Create and combine shapes to create recognisable forms (e.g. shapes made from nets or solid materials).

Include texture that conveys feelings, expression or movement.

Use clay and other mouldable materials.

Add materials to provide interesting detail.

Threshold Concepts: Master Techniques - Drawing

Use different hardnesses of pencils to show line, tone and texture.

Annotate sketches to explain and elaborate ideas.

Sketch lightly (no need to use a rubber to correct mistakes).

Use shading to show light and shadow.

Use hatching and cross hatching to show tone and texture.

Threshold Concepts: Master Techniques - Print

Use layers of two or more colours.

Replicate patterns observed in natural or built environments.

Make printing blocks (e.g. from coiled string glued to a block).

Make precise repeating patterns.

Threshold Concepts: Master Techniques -Textiles

Shape and stitch materials.

Use basic cross stitch and back stitch.

Colour fabric.

Create weavings.

Quilt, pad and gather fabric.

Threshold Concepts: Master Techniques - Digital Media

Create images, video and sound recordings and explain why they were created.

Threshold Concepts: Take inspiration from the Greats (classic and modern)

Replicate some of the techniques used by notable artists, artisans and designers.

Create original pieces that are influenced by studies of others.

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