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Anti-Bullying Policy

The act of bullying, either in the Academy or out of the Academy, will not be tolerated. It is the responsibility of all (parents, staff - including non-teaching, and students) to report a bullying incident to any member of the teaching staff.

We believe that each student has the right to enjoy her or his learning and social time at the Academy and that this should be free from intimidation of any kind.

The Academy defines bullying as the repetitive, intentional hurting of one person or group by another person or group, where the relationship involves an imbalance of power. Therefore, any repeated or habitual unkind action or comment, including via the use of electronic media, which is intended to hurt an individual will be called bullying.

It is important that all bullying incidents are reported; students should be encouraged to tell of any bullying that takes place.

An additional record will be kept for Equality Related Incidents regarding Disability, Race, Age, Religion and Sexual Orientation.

Bullying will be dealt with seriously. Senior and Pastoral staff are very experienced in dealing with bullying incidents and will advise/support any member of staff who has to deal with any such incident.

When a case of bullying is reported, either verbal, physical or via electronic devices, staff must react to the situation as soon as possible. It is also important that staff are alerted to signs of bullying within their classes or tutor groups.

There are several courses of action available, depending on the nature and severity of bullying. They include:

  • Interview with the bully
  • Interview with the victim
  • Interview witnesses
  • Interview bully and victim together.

If the bullying is serious, then

  • Parents/carers of both the victim and the bully should be contacted
  • All incidents should be logged
  • Appropriate staff alerted so that more acute observation can take place.

The Academy will make sure that whatever the outcome of investigations all parties will be left in no doubt as to the effects of bullying and the Academy's Policy - that is:

  • Parents/carers of both bullies and victims will need to be informed where appropriate of the outcome of the investigations and of any immediate sanctions or likely sanctions should there be a recurrence.
  • Victims will be reassured (if appropriate, in the presence of the bully), and instructed to inform staff of any further occurrence.
  • A log of all reported bullying should be kept. In the case of racial harassment or equality related incidents, an additional incident form must be completed.

Bullying can be deterred by:

  • Allowing and encouraging students to have clear channels of communication with their House Tutor and Senior Pastoral staff.
  • Providing a place where a student can talk in confidence.
  • Incorporating a regular 'slot' on bullying into the assembly programme.
  • Maintaining even closer links with home and Academy to improve lines of communication.
  • Regular reviewing of supervision duties at break and lunch.
  • Dealing quickly and firmly with incidents of bullying. In extreme cases this may include exclusion of the bully (Fixed or Permanent).
  • Supporting staff in the development of their abilities to handle children in emotionally tense situations.
  • Encouraging students to take responsibility for themselves and others, by observing the Academy's Code of Conduct and Anti-Bullying Policy.
  • Informing students about the appropriate use of electronic devices and media.


  • Look for unusual behaviour in your children. For example, they may suddenly not wish to attend the Academy, feel ill regularly, or not complete work to their normal standard.
  • Always take an active role in your child's education. Enquire how their day has gone, who they have spent their time with, how lunchtime was spent, etc.
  • If you feel your child may be a victim of bullying behaviour, inform the Academy IMMEDIATELY. Your complaint will be taken seriously and appropriate action will follow.
  • It is important that you advise your child not to fight back. It can make matters worse!
  • Tell your own son or daughter there is nothing wrong with him or her. It is not his or her fault that they are being bullied.
  • Make sure your child is fully aware of the Academy Policy concerning bullying and that they should not be afraid to ask for help.

BULLYING is a serious offence and will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances at our Academy.

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