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Academy Guide

A Note From The Principal

We want our children to be happy and contented and have a high desire to learn and achieve. We continually encourage our children to do their best and to meet our high expectations. Your support and encouragement are crucial, whilst we educate your child to their full potential.

Our Philosophy

For children to achieve they must be happy at school and feel safe and secure. Their minds must be stimulated and inspired.

Education can be successful where the children are interested and actively participating.

To achieve this, the delivery of the curriculum is varied, imaginative and where possible enquiry based using primary resources, so that children are intrinsically motivated to produce work of quality. We aim to promote enthusiasm in their work.

Where secondary resources are required to extend children's horizons, they are of the highest quality and as up to date as possible.

Children need to have a rigour about their work. Children are expected to work with purpose and diligence. They are challenged by high expectations and are expected to work independently as well as in groups or as a class.

They are regularly monitored and assessed. Self-assessment of performance is encouraged to constantly strive to raise standards of achievement.

Children are taught to be independent and to think for themselves. Through high self-esteem and confidence, children are encouraged to develop positive attitudes and are expected to show self-discipline and to accept responsibility for their own actions.

Children are expected to respect others, their feelings and their property. They are helped to understand and respect the lives of those who have alternative beliefs and customs.

Children are encouraged to develop attitudes which do not discriminate against any person on grounds of socio-economic background, creed, ethnic origin, gender, age or disability.

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Pilgrim Academy Principal

Andrew Clark BA.