Open Day Wins Approval Of Parents

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Pilgrim Academy pupils proudly display their new uniforms. They are: Tilly Speight (FS1), Esme Crockett (FS2), Sophie Chapman (Year 2), Jaydan Goodwin (Year 4), Charlie Hodson (Year 3), Stefan Goldsmith (Year 6), Owen Cawley (Year 5), Teanna Dwyer (Year 6), Tyler Gibbard (Year 3), Leo Speight (Year 1), and Harvey Hynes (Year 1).

Pilgrim Academy pupils welcomed their parents into school for an Open Day to show off their work. The pupils also proudly displayed their brand new uniforms, which were introduced this term as the Academy celebrated becoming a member of Tollbar Multi Academy Trust.

Many parents and siblings joined staff and pupils in the academy to see the changes introduced by the Trust since it took over the school last Easter.

Christine Lacey, Executive Principal, said: "A whole new broom is sweeping through this school, and the introduction of the new uniforms is just the beginning of a brand new era of education for pupils at Pilgrim Academy.

"The children have responded very well to the changes in the classrooms so far, which will mirror the improvements we made at Reynolds Academy when it became a member of Tollbar Multi Academy Trust. Reynolds is now a shining example of outstanding education for primary pupils and is so popular with parents and pupils that it remains over-subscribed.

"We intend to provide the same excellent environment for learning here at Pilgrim Academy, turning it into a school that parents and pupils in Immingham will be proud to attend."

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Pilgrim Academy Open Day. Year 1 pupil, Grace O'Mara (5) with dad Kyle O'Mara and mum Jane Storer.

Year 1 pupil, Grace O'Mara (5) welcomed her parents, Kyle O'Mara and  Jane Storer, into the academy to see her work. Jane said: "This is a really good idea. Grace showed us her work and the invitations she has been making. She is doing well and is very confident."

Dad Kyle added: "This event gives parents a chance to see what's happening in the academy and see the work the children have been doing, which is really nice for us."

Year 1 pupil Francesca Lowther-Wright (5) was happy to see her mum Rebecca Lowther-Wright, who said: "It is a really good idea to see Francesca's school environment and her work."

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Year 1 pupil Maci Douthwaite (5) and mum Sue Douthwaite are pictured with Pilgrim Academy Executive Head, Christine Lacey (right).

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Pilgrim Academy Year 1 pupil Francesca Lowther-Wright (5) proudly shows off her work to her mum Rebecca Lowther-Wright.

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