Newsletter Issue 1 - Friday 8 September 2017

Lynx – Miss Marrows and Miss Jones

Welcome Back!

At the end of this first week, everyone has settled in well and there is a great learning buzz through the academy. The children look so smart in their new uniforms and they wear them with pride. Thank you for making such a super effort to get our year off to a fabulous beginning.

Please remember to have P.E. kits hanging on pegs in the cloakroom. Do remind your child to bring a water bottle labelled with their name.

Academy Arrivals and Departures

As you will have noticed, KS1 and KS2 pupils line up to come into the academy every morning. Now that the system has been running for a few days, it is smooth and sets up the children for a quick start to learning.

KS2 pupils (Year 3 to Year 6) walk along the side path through the early years playground onto their large play area. Classes line up and will be led into school at 8:50am but the door is open until 9:05am. If your child arrives after that time, they will need to sign in at the main office. Teachers lead out their classes at home time up to the Allerton Drive gate.

KS1 pupils (Year 1 and Year 2) line up in their playground and return in the same lines at the end of the day. Thank you for making this system work so well.

FS1 and FS2 pupils (nursery and reception) walk along the side path and are greeted at the class doors by the staff. The children have settled in so quickly, it's hard to believe it is only the fourth day for them!


Please check the list of diary dates for any class sharing assemblies. Key Stage Two will still have special mentions assemblies with you being notified as early as possible that your child has a special mention (assembly is on Thursdays and you will have a message by the Monday).

Roald Dahl Day

We are celebrating the children's author Roald Dahl on Wednesday 13 September with a day of special activities throughout the academy. Children are not dressing up this year but please feel free to send in any Roald Dahl books and items to share in the day.

Reading Challenge

Please read the Reading Challenge letter that accompanies the newsletter today. I know you will support your children to succeed with this fun challenge.


Our website has all the information you need and as the term progresses, you will see more news and photographs of all recent events on our website. Why not take a look? Go to:

Dates for Your Diary

There are lots of exciting events this term. As we get confirmation of more events, we will keep you informed.

Please put the Parents open afternoon in your diary – you will be able to come and see the academy in action from 1:30pm on Monday 2 October.

21st September - KS2 Special Mentions Assembly (3:10pm)
22nd September - FS2/KS1 Sharing Assembly (3:10pm) Ceres
27th September - Harvest Festival Assembly - visiting Vicar (3pm)
28th September - KS2 Special Mentions Assembly (3:10pm)
29th September - FS2/KS1 Sharing Assembly (3:10pm) Lyra
2nd October - Parents open Afternoon
5th October - KS2 Special Mentions Assembly (3:10pm)
6th October - FS2/KS1 Sharing Assembly (3:10pm) Cygnus
9th October - Parents Evening (3:45-6:00pm)
11th October - Parents Evening (3:45-6:00pm)
12th October - KS2 Special Mentions Assembly (3:10pm)
13th October - FS2/KS1 Sharing Assembly (3:10pm) Indus
19th October - KS2 Special Mentions Assembly (3:10pm)
19th October - Academy closes for half term holiday
20th October - Staff Training Day
30th October - Academy opens for Term 2
7th November - Remembrance Service - Visiting Vicar (3pm)
9th November - KS2 Special Mentions Assembly (3:10pm)
10th November - FS2/KS1 Sharing Assembly (3:10pm) Ceres
16th November - KS2 Special Mentions Assembly (3:10pm)
17th November - FS2/KS1 Sharing Assembly (3:10pm) Lyra
23rd November - KS2 Special Mentions Assembly (3:10pm)
24th November - FS2/KS1 Sharing Assembly (3:10pm) Cygnus
30th November - KS2 Special Mentions Assembly (3:10pm)
1st December - FS2/KS1 Sharing Assembly (3:10pm) Indus
14th December - FS2/KS2 Christmas Nativity (9:30am)
14th December - FS1/KS1 Christmas Nativity (2:15pm)
15th December - FS1/KS1 Christmas Nativity (9:30am)
15th December - FS2/KS2 Christmas Nativity (2:15pm)
18th December - EYFS/KS1 Christmas Parties (pm)
19th December - KS2 Christmas Parties (pm)
20th December - Academy closes for Christmas

We welcome your comments regarding this newsletter or any other matters.

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